Court Judgments

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The County Court Judgment (CCJ) will tell you how much and when payments must be made. You may be ordered to pay the entire CCJ in one instalment. This is also known as ‘forthwith’. Alternatively, the Court may grant a CCJ to be paid by regular instalments.

Payment should be made directly to our office, and you can find ways to pay here:

If the Court has ordered you to make payments by instalments but you think that the amount the Court has granted is unaffordable, please contact our office on 01925 426100 to discuss the options that are available to you.

If you cannot pay the amount ordered in the County Court Judgment (CCJ), please contact us so that we can help you to set an arrangement that is affordable and appropriate for you.

If you do not make payments in line with the CCJ and we do not hear from you to discuss your account, we may be instructed by our client to return the matter to Court for enforcement.

We would prefer to avoid this course of action, as it will stop further fees and costs being added to the balance.

The methods of enforcement that are available to us are detailed on the FAQ page.

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